New blog online!

I have a Chinese blog Jian-Ching 學習筆記 at blogger since 2014-02-20. First, it’s fine, but I found that need spends much time to modify HTML and CSS style for programming code highlight, font size…etc. It’s sad, so I stop continue write post.

One day, I write to document with markdown, found a magic item call Jekyll, Jekyll is static site generator, can transform markdown into a static blog.

Since 2017-02-09 start tries Jekyll to make this blog. Jekyll is writing by Ruby, I don’t want to host install Ruby, so study Dockerfile to install Jekyll environment in the container.

In the process, I study Dockerfile to build container images and Linux command line about docker. How to install Ruby and gem for Jekyll. Choice a Jekyll theme for here, It’s minimal-mistakes. Actually, it’s also spending more time, but I learning much from the process, so I think this is worth it.

Finally, the new blog is online. I went to improve my English skill, so the blog will write English. If you find any worse, tell me please, I would be very grateful.



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